Afternoon Coffee: College Cost Savings, Sony Discontinues Cassettes, B2D Supply Chain Technology

Some majors are cheaper than others...?
To Steer Students Toward Jobs, Florida May Cut Tuition for Select Majors -- To nudge students toward job-friendly degrees, the governor's task force on higher education suggested recently that university tuition rates be frozen for three years for majors in "strategic areas," which would vary depending on supply and demand.

Grab one before it's too late!
Sony to discontinue the production early 2013 of Cassette Player/ Recorder -- All good things must come to an end and I am sorry to report that Sony WILL discontinue early January 2013 once and for all the production of its latest Cassette Player/Recorder!

"Do we buy or build the B2D Supply Chain technologies and workforces required to satisfy demand?"
TIME's 'Person Of The Year': Your UPS Driver? -- It's not out of the question, and here's why. Global e-commerce sales may reach $1 trillion next year, growing at a rate of 19.4% annually. To handle that demand, a Global B2D (Business-To-Doorstep) Supply Chain is growing at breakneck-speed in hopes of meeting every package, logistic, fulfillment, payment, enterprise resource planning (ERP), radio-frequency ID (RFID), and reverse logistic need.

Where your Good Will goes.
Results Of Your Good Will -- Consider the stuff of our everyday lives -- the clothes, the sheets, the toys and games. It's essential for a time, but inevitably, eventually, it all gets trashed -- or donated. And that donation process can seem a bit like magic. We drop off our used stuff, and the items disappear -- or so we think. But what truly becomes of it? Where does it go? And what does it look like?

- Sheena Moore

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