Friday Latte: FT Quotes MetalMiner, 3-D Supply Chains, Legos Are Still Awesome

MetalMiner quoted in the Financial Times.
Rare earths producer intensifies drive for cash -- Molycorp, the largest producer of rare earth metals outside China, has set to strengthen the company's finances as a priority for its new interim chief executive, as it struggles with plunging prices for its products and the rising cost of its capital spending programme at its mine in California.

Get out your special 3-D glasses.
Supply Chain Revolution: How a 3-D Supply Chain Could Create Many New Jobs and Revitalize the Economy -- Extreme risk aversion continues to oppress the economy, and recovery is very slow. Perhaps it is time for a new take on what was wrong in the first place. Maybe all this mayhem owed less to financial disruption than is widely believed.

The brilliance of...Legos.
Why Legos Are So Expensive -- And So Popular -- Lego goes to great lengths to make its pieces really, really well, says David Robertson, who is working on a book about Lego. Inside every Lego brick, there are three numbers, which identify exactly which mold the brick came from and what position it was in in that mold. That way, if there's a bad brick somewhere, the company can go back and fix the mold. For decades this is what kept Lego ahead. It's actually pretty hard to make millions of plastic blocks that all fit together.

RIP Joseph Woodland, barcode inventor.
If It's for Sale, His Lines Sort It -- It was born on a beach six decades ago, the product of a pressing need, an intellectual spark and the sweep of a young man's fingers through the sand. The result adorns almost every product of contemporary life, including groceries, wayward luggage and, if you are a traditionalist, the newspaper you are holding.

- Sheena Moore

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