Afternoon Coffee: Chobani Factory in Idaho, The Drought Drags On, Darjeeling (Limited)

The drought drags on.
Springfield Mulls Water Restrictions As Drought Drags On -- Abnormally low precipitation this year has parched the Mississippi and Missouri River basins, reigniting regional "water wars" where resources are spread thin across irrigation, recreation and navigation. In Springfield, officials are preparing to instate strict water restrictions that would include surcharges for heavy users and ban pond filling at golf courses, if lake levels drop low enough to threaten operations of the plants that supply the capital city with drinking water and electricity.

"Greek" yogurt (from Idaho).
U.S. Hunger for Yogurt Leads to Gigantic Factory -- The $450 million, 1 million square-foot plant is the company's second. It will employ 300 people, and Mr. Ulukaya said for every 10 jobs it creates directly, it is expected to create roughly 66 additional jobs in ancillary businesses. "The state expects the total economic impact of our business there to be $1.3 billion," he said.

Legal Darjeeling protection.
Good Name Is Restored in Terrain Known for Tea -- In a decision this year, the European Union agreed to phase out the use of "Darjeeling" on blended teas. Now, just as a bottle of Cognac must come from the region around the French town of Cognac, a cup of Darjeeling tea will have to be made only from tea grown around Darjeeling.

Over on Supply Management today:
Empowering end-users to enhance procurement -- As a housing association procurement manager said to me recently: "If we have a contract for works at a load of properties then there is no-one better in the world to evaluate the contractors than the householders themselves." But the trick is managing this involvement. There is a big difference between local residents sitting in a procurement meeting as decisions are made around them and the process of fully empowering people so they can confidently scrutinise procurement.

- Sheena Moore

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