Afternoon Coffee: Santa’s Supply Chain, 35 Orders/Second for Amazon, WalMart Bribery

Santa's business model: how does he do it?!
Santa's Lucrative Business Model Delivers The Goods --
Last year, I reported on the complex logistics surrounding Santa's Supply Chain. This year, I want to unwrap the broader business model of Jolly St. Nick and how he miraculously delivers the goods year after year.

The whole story.
The Bribery Aisle: How Wal-Mart Used Payoffs to Get Its Way in Mexico -- Instead, records and interviews show, they decided to undo the damage with one well-placed $52,000 bribe. The plan was simple. The zoning map would not become law until it was published in a government newspaper. So Wal-Mart de Mexico arranged to bribe an official to change the map before it was sent to the newspaper, records and interviews show. Sure enough, when the map was published, the zoning for Mrs. Pineda's field was redrawn to allow Wal-Mart's store.

35 orders a SECOND??
Inside Amazon as it faces its busiest shopping period -- The warehouses of Amazon are running almost non-stop as the online retailer tries to keep up with demand during its busiest time of year. In 2011, in the run up to the holiday season its customers made 35 orders per second.

Anybody want it?
Oracle's Larry Ellison Selling $19 Million Home

- Sheena Moore

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