Friday Latte: No Apocalypse, HfS Makes No 2013 Predictions, 5 Vendors to Check Out in 2013

It's your last Friday Latte of the year, folks. Next week I will be thigh-deep in powder at Mt. Baker. Have a wonderful holiday!

HfS calls bullsh*t on analysts and plans to drink next week.
Why HfS cancelled its 2013 predictions -- For all of you waiting on tenterhooks for our 2013 predictions, I am afraid we have some bad news: today, we took the unprecedented step of canceling them. But why? Can't analysts see into the future anymore?

Which vendors should you look at in 2013?
Five Specialist Vendors You Must Talk to in 2013 -- One of the challenges of being a procurement technology consumer is that you're most likely to be contacted by larger providers with significant marketing budgets to invest in aggressive lead generation or existing software providers that you – or your IT organization – are already in bed with. Finding yourself on the receiving end of outreach from these providers can be helpful in getting smart on a given area. But you may only hear part of the story in terms of what's possible with the latest ideas and capabilities.

'Mayan day of apocalypse' arrives -- Thousands of people have gathered at ancient sites in Central America and elsewhere in anticipation of what they believe will be the end of the world. The date - 21 December 2012 - is, some believe, the end of the "long count" calendar of the Mayan civilisation.

Boeing, potatoes, and in-flight wi-fi.
Boeing uses potatoes instead of people to test wi-fi -- US planemaker Boeing used an unusual substitute for passengers to test its in-flight wi-fi system - potatoes. Passenger seats on a decommissioned plane were loaded with huge sacks of the tubers for several days as signal strengths were checked. The company's researchers say that potatoes "interact" with electronic signals in a similar way to humans.

- Sheena Moore

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