Spend Matters: A Purchasing and Procurement Holiday

We'll be keeping up with our sourcing and procurement coverage on our main sites throughout much of this week and the following. Even though we'll have a somewhat reduced schedule relative to our regular content onslaught, do check back for daily updates, analysis and news.

Behind the scenes over the next few weeks, Spend Matters will undergo the biggest transformation it has seen in over eight years since we started to publish. We have some big news to report in the New Year as well. Here's a quick synopsis of what's to come:

  • During the second week of January, we'll launching version 2.0 our main site, spendmatters.com. It will be on an entirely new platform, unified with our other sites. The change also includes migrating some 8,000 posts and the comments associated with them. Kudos to our tech team for making this happen.
  • At the same time, we will release a new "network" portal site integrating news, reports, synopses and analysis from Spend Matters, Spend Matters PRO, Spend Matters UK/Europe, MetalMiner and Healthcare Matters in one place.
  • We'll announce two key executives joining the Spend Matters team in January: a chief research officer and a chief technology officer.
  • We're joining forces with a real expert in Europe, launching a new local language site with European-specific reporting and coverage in January.
  • We'll add forecasting to the capabilities contained in the MetalMiner IndX subscription service.

We've got our work cut out for us over the next few weeks. But we hope our audience enjoys a peaceful and relaxing break. We're beyond excited to move into 2013 because regardless (and perhaps because) of the fiscal cliff and general economic concerns, spend matters more than ever before. And you can be sure Spend Matters and our associated sites, properties and research services will be covering related topics, news and analysis at a level to truly make every penny of spending go further and be smarter and lower risk than before.

- Jason Busch

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