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Happy Holidays! While the Spend Matters team is off merry making, here's some of our best content from 2012 for you to enjoy. We'll see you in 2013!

2012 marked the launch of Spend Matters PRO. While most 6-month-olds are enjoying solid food for the first time, Spend Matters PRO is already forming complete sentences...a lot of them. Here are some of our highlights:

How to Attack Marketing Spend (Part 5) -- One of the most important elements of tackling marketing spend is Executive Buy-In, which requires aligning the vision of the CMO, CPO and CFO. In fact, don't do anything until you force this to happen! Above all, ensure that your CPO is well briefed, and don't let this person destroy your credibility by going into meetings with the CMO with the usual procurement speak.

10 Negotiating Tactics To Reduce Supplier Network Fees (Part 2) -- Spend Matters predicts that networks such as Ariba and OB10 will make a substantial portion of their overall revenue by 2015 from supply chain finance programs. Given this opportunity and prediction, procurement and AP organizations may wish to consider negotiating basic connectivity for network fees with a sliding scale based on supply chain finance adoption within a supply base. This aligns incentives all around, as suppliers are likely to react with the opposite approach when paying fees to get payment early as paying fees for basic document interchange.

Ariba, SAP, OB10, IBX, Hubwoo and Basware: Are Supplier Networks Addressing Supplier Risk, Performance and Compliance? -- Even in just providing basic infrastructure plumbing, supplier networks can provide significant value in areas like supplier enablement, catalog management and electronic invoicing. Moreover, networks can help organizations save time and money not only through avoiding manual steps and touch points (e.g., when on-boarding new suppliers as part of an AP/procurement eProcurement and payment initiative) but by leveraging a many-to-many approach in which suppliers only need to update basic information such as banking details, contact information, etc. in a single place (i.e., the network) which is then broadcast to all participating customers using it on the buy-side.

The Future of the Ariba Network with SAP (Part 3) -- Before providing recommendations to current and prospective SAP customers and the competitive marketplace, we will conclude with the prediction that: the basis of network competition will shift toward technology (versus focusing on enabling functionality as a means of differentiation). We believe that SAP and Ariba have a unique opportunity based on HANA and other architectural components, not to mention their ability to rapidly prototype and developed highly advanced mobile applications.

The Evolution of Procurement: Where We've Been, And Where We're Headed -- If we look back at the history of procurement, we can see a gradual evolution of the role of the function. I don't intend here to go back to the supply chain for the construction of the pyramids, or Samuel Pepys, the famous English diarist of the 17th century, who fulfilled a role at one point that looks very much like what we would now call "Procurement Director" for the British Navy.

The Four Faces of Procurement -- In this Paper, we look at the changing environment for procurement and procurement professionals, and what that means for the skills and capabilities successful senior executives will need in 2020. We believe the best will be adept at managing across two "dimensions" – the external/internal axis, and the analytical/inter-personal axis.

- Sheena Moore

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