Best Of: Procurement Industry Announcements

Happy Holidays! While the Spend Matters team is off merry making, here's some of our best content from 2012 for you to enjoy. We'll see you in 2013!

2012 came with some massive industry announcements (ahem SAP/Ariba ahem), not to mention SciQuest acquiring Spend Radar, and Monitor Group going bankrupt. Here's (just some!) of our coverage of some of the major announcements:

SAP and Ariba: Initial Customer and Competitive Takeaways -- It's not over until it's over. A probability exists of another bid/offer to come in for Ariba. This is just the type of shenanigans that Oracle likes to pride itself on (although valuations approaching 10X on an EV basis are something the Oracle corporate development team would have a cow swallowing -- especially considering that Larry Ellison once referred to Ariba as a "feature of a feature," or something to that effect)

Monitor Group Goes Bankrupt: Why Services Procurement and Risk Management Best Practices Matter -- Did you know Michael Porter had an unpublished sixth force – bankruptcy? While we say this in jest, the recently announced bankruptcy of the consultancy that he founded, Monitor Group, is no laughing matter. At the time of the filing, Monitor had approximately 1,500 employees, making it smaller than some of its peers in the top-tier strategy consultancy league (including Bain, BCG and McKinsey), but still a highly influential firm on the global management consulting stage due to the senior relationships that it had.

Monitor and Deloitte: Exploring Cultural Synergies and Differences -- Yet the big question that observers in the industry should have regarding the assimilation of Monitor into Deloitte is whether the cultures will mesh sufficiently to enable the firm to continue to thrive in its specialized practice areas (e.g., strategic planning, scenario planning). The history of consultancies that have attempted to do both strategy and operations consulting (inclusive of IT) is not exactly stellar.

SciQuest to Buy Spend Radar -- Initial Analysis -- Earlier this morning, SciQuest announced an agreement to acquire Chicago-based spend analysis provider Spend Radar. According to the press release, SciQuest has "entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Spend Radar LLC for about $8 million in cash and $2 million of stock. The company may also make additional payments of up to $7.5 million consisting of cash and stock if Spend Radar achieves certain revenue performance targets over the next 5 quarters. The transaction is expected to be complete on or about October 1, 2012."

SciQuest Acquires Spend Radar: Company, Customer, Partner and Competitive Analysis and Recommendations (Part 2) -- This is particularly important in the case of Spend Radar, given their ability to rapidly build traction through channels in an already crowded spend analysis market using a product and solution that improved upon many other offerings in nuanced, but important ways (while also delivering a truly intimate level of customer service).

- Sheena Moore

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