Afternoon Coffee: CSR and Arby’s, Procurement Predictions, Fiscal Cliff Analysis, Electric Economics

Arby's eliminates gestation crates.
Arby's to change up supply chain -- Sandwich chain Arby's announced it will take the necessary steps to eliminate gestation crates from its supply chain. The company is just one of many to recently publicly commit to more sustainable and humane procurement tactics and animal welfare.

Peter's procurement predictions for 2013.
Spend Matters Procurement Predictions for 2013 (part 1) -- We've looked in our Spend Matters crystal ball (got to be a joke in there somewhere...) and today and tomorrow we'll feature our predictions for 2013. These are based on many, many hours of careful analysis and consideration, as you will see.

Taxes are going up.
'Fiscal cliff' analysis: Taxes to rise for most Americans despite deal -- While the tax package that Congress passed New Year's Day will protect 99 percent of Americans from an income tax increase, most of them will still end up paying more federal taxes in 2013. That's because the legislation did nothing to prevent a temporary reduction in the Social Security payroll tax from expiring. In 2012, that 2-percentage-point cut in the payroll tax was worth about $1,000 to a worker making $50,000 a year.

"The bottom line: electrons are cheap to generate and expensive to deliver."
Perverse Economics of the Electric Grid: As Generation Gets Cheaper, Transmission Costs Soar -- Electrons are cheap – at least electrons are cheap to create. Until recently, it was also cheap to deliver electrons from power plants to customers. That is no longer the case. The electric grid may once have been an engine of economic efficiency, but these days it looks more like an albatross hanging like a noose around our economy's future prospects. To make matters worse, it appears to be tightening.

- Sheena Moore

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