Friday Rant: The Medium Isn't The Only Message — Challenges of Organizational Growth

Most of you know that Spend Matters launched years ago with an entrepreneurial vision and passion to fill a sorely needed void of expert commentary, analysis and insight into one of the most ubiquitous business functions on the planet. What you may not have been aware of is that that Jason was not only it's visionary, but it's sole employee back then. He worked, interviewed and wrote voraciously and voluminously -- and still does of course -- but as an organization of one. Our growth has been exponential since then and, over the past few years, dramatically enhanced by a continually growing staff of exceptional talent. This includes an even greater augmentation of three new team members that will be announced in the coming weeks, but I digress.

If our founder, and mostly fearless leader, had been independently wealthy, the model that evolved might have been different. But as is evident, our research, depth of daily coverage and overall development requires sponsorship and subscription funding (unless we decide to move to an Andrew Sullivan "open giving model" someday -- a curious potential move that appears to be working out for him in the early days). Staying grounded today versus thinking about potential future approaches, when it comes to our current and past models, some of our current sponsors have been with us since the start. Others have shifted their outreach to our growing compliment of sister sites, consulting engagements and a few have been acquired. What's clear is that all of our sponsors have played a vital role in supporting Spend Matters ongoing growth and success.

Which brings us to the present. Jason might have saved for a vacation home by now. But since he finally took a real family vacation this past summer for the first time in eight years, he rents. And all of our support has gone to development and bringing on a great team. In addition to our plethora of branding, thought leadership and lead generation offerings to vendors, all of which involve deeply custom engagements, we launched Spend Matters PRO premium membership content this past summer to meet the evolved need in the sector to deliver a level of depth, insight and analysis that goes dramatically farther than what is available in the public domain or from other research and analyst services.

Ironically, while we believe we have an impeccable grasp and marketing acumen when it comes to procurement software solutions, we have not done a stellar job of getting the message out around all that we provide and offer. Spend Matters has largely functioned under the auspices of "build it, and they will come." And you, our readership certainly have. But the fact is that we've reinvented the wheel when it comes to this sector and we eschew documents like rate cards -- which we'd love to have 10 bucks for, with every request we've had for one.

So vendors, and practitioners alike, please reach out -- and we will increasing as well. Let us know your objectives, future plans (under NDA of course) and let's further evolve a mutual organizational dialogue to continue moving forward with our perpetually evolving and exciting pallet of development and opportunity for all. We've got a tremendous amount coming down the pike and we look forward to telling you more about.

- William Busch

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