Afternoon Coffee: Made in America, Yum! Supply Chain Woes, Japan Orders Dreamliner Inquiry

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"What you're not going to find is a lot of electronics. No matter where you look."
What Exactly Is--and Isn't--Made in America? One Lobby Shop Finds Out. -- The search for a budget-friendly, American-made microwave wasn't even the toughest challenge for the Alliance for American Manufacturing, in their latest effort to practice what they preach. A lobby shop that touts the advantages of American-made goods couldn't go around purchasing the cheapest Chinese- or Malaysian-made appliances and office furniture for its D.C. headquarters, they thought. So the firm set out to accomplish the nearly impossible: sourcing all of their construction materials, office supplies and furniture from U.S.-based manufacturers.

Look out, KFC and Taco Bell.
Yum! Finds Supply Chains Can Foul Up Food Safety Worldwide -- Two of Yum's restaurant chains, KFC and Taco Bell, are at the center of a food safety crises. The first involves chicken suppliers in China that have left its KFC outlets very much on the defensive. And the second involves California-grown lettuce supplied to both KFC and Taco Bell outlets in Canada.

US officials have said the plane is safe.
Boeing Dreamliner investigation ordered by Japan -- Japan's transport ministry has launched an investigation into what caused two fuel leaks on a Boeing 787 Dreamliner jet operated by Japan Airlines. It comes after US authorities started a joint review with Boeing of the plane's manufacturing, design and assembly. In recent days, flights involving Dreamliners have been affected by an electrical fire and a brake problem amongst others incidents.

- Sheena Moore

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