Procurement Technology Events: Your Opinion is Needed!

We've found that quick web surveys are a great way to pull together thoughtful responses from the peanut gallery, ideally as quickly as possible. Whether you've known us since this morning's random Google search or you've been a regular reader for years, we'd love your opinion. Here's a quick (2-3 minutes tops) survey. Have at it!

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Spend Matters will never become a procurement events company. We think organizations such as Procurement Leaders, ProcureCon and Sourcing Interests Group (SIG) already do an outstanding job, not to mention other organizations on the periphery of this market, including SharedServicesLink. On the other hand, we get a sense that procurement solutions aren't covered well at other events, at least not consistently and with a level of depth that would cause someone to spend a day or two of their busy time to come out and listen. So what do you think? Should we head down the path of doing a Spend Matters procurement technology event later this year? Please participate in our survey or leave your thoughts in the comments.

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