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Behold: your road map to connect with us through social media, how to get in our face for product briefings and demos, where to send all of your press releases, and what to do if you're dying to write for Spend Matters.

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Follow us! All of our blog posts run on Twitter, as well as live commentary from events we attend (if you haven't read Peter's live tweets of evening procurement events, you haven't lived).

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Look for a Spend Matters LinkedIn group coming soon. Until then, we sometimes hang out in the Procurement Professionals group. Our sister site MetalMiner has a great Sourcing and Strategy Group as well. A note about LinkedIn: we are all more than happy to connect individually with people we have met and worked with reciprocally.

Product Demos/Briefings
If you're doing something great in the space and you think we should be writing about it, our analysts are all ears. So get in our face. Tell us about your product, your services and the afterlife of the experience in working with you. If you sell a technology solution:

  • Give us a detailed background briefing
  • Spend 2-3 hours walking us through a detailed demonstration (or give us the keys to a demo site)
  • Provide a minimum of 2-3 reference customers for each product area you'd like covered

Once you go through the introduction process, we cannot promise featured coverage (e.g., a multi-part research series), but we will include you in our shortlists and general write-ups of sectors provided your solutions impress us and your customers are at least satisfied. Email Thomas Kase to get started:

Public Relations
If you send a press release, a pitch, or anything PR to our normal inboxes, here's the reality: it will be ignored 99% of the time. It's not that we're not utterly enthralled by your undoubtedly industry-shaking news, it's that we really appreciate cultivating real relationships where we can put faces to names.

If you want to get on our radar in terms of product announcements, mentions on the blog, or any other announcements your best bet is to a) take the time to write us a personal note; b) use our press email address:

Guest Content
We're always looking for fresh opinions about anything from innovative ways to use procurement technology to utter disasters and the lessons learned from them. If you're interested in writing for Spend Matters, please reach out to Sheena Moore:

If you have any suggestions or you'd like to see any changes, we now have an editorial intern, and part of her job will be to hone your social media experience. Give Sydney a shout-out:

Thanks for reading and connecting!

- Sheena Moore

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