Scott Slone Joins Azul Partners and Spend Matters as CTO

We're thrilled to announce today that Scott Slone has joined Azul Partners (Spend Matters' parent company) as Chief Technology Officer. I first met Scott when he worked for Ariba back in the highflying B2B and .com days (I actually knew his previous employer, Trading Dynamics, one of the early pioneers in sourcing software). Scott is not really joining Spend Matters, MetalMiner and our other sites as CTO so much as now we are taking nearly all of his waking hours versus just some of them. From day one in 2004, Scott was the brains and brawn behind Spend Matters technology infrastructure, building out the site for us when he was at Ariba as part of his job running market-facing web technology and content.

As CTO, Scott will manage the technology and infrastructure for our portfolio of sites. We also expect him to quickly get his hands dirty in a variety of new and ongoing projects, including a new site (launching later this month) that aggregates information from our portfolio properties and presents it in a structured and graphical manner (dare we say it will make us look like a more traditional media property rather than a collection of blogs and research/data services).

Scott fits right into the Spend Matters environment down to his love of good coffee (a pound or two of a local roast always seems to make it back and forth whenever we connect with each other in the Bay Area or Chicago). He also shares a common DNA bond with a number of others on the senior Azul Partners team who grew up in the heyday of the first enterprise applications software boom.

In addition to his near-decade at Ariba as Corporate Webmaster and as Senior Manager of Online Marketing, Scott has worked with web properties at various tech companies including Hyperion Solutions, PGP Corporation and Accept Software. Scott and I also share a similar background before our chosen career paths in procurement and enterprise applications -- at network and systems management organizations -- Scott's working with the burgeoning internet at Novell in the mid nineties. Early in his career, Scott worked for the FBI as both an illustrator and exhibits specialist before giving up the East Coast's drastic winters for the more moderate dense fogs of the West.

We're thrilled to have a former cold warrior on the Spend Matters and Azul Partners Leadership team. Please join me in giving Scott a warm welcome. And stay tuned for two other team-related announcements we'll be making in the coming weeks, not to mention several launches and enhancements, led by our tireless new CTO.

- Jason Busch

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  1. Kevin Brooks:

    Great news, and congratulations Scott!

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