Friday Latte: Apple Exec Resigns, Armstrong Admits to Doping, Developer Caught Outsourcing Own Job

Moral of the story: set up a home server

U.S. Software Developer
Busted by Employer for Outsourcing His Job to China
-- Until recently,
a typical workday for one particularly enterprising software developer
involved watching cat videos and surfing eBay while a Chinese consulting
firm took care of the code writing for $50,000, a sum that the developer
paid out of his six-digit salary. This strategy provided him with excellent
performance reviews for years, but, alas, it was against internal company

iPad production goes down

cuts iPad display production. Will iPad mini be the bigger hit? --
Apple, Inc.'s supplier has greatly cut down on production of 9.7-inch iPad
screens, leading analysts to suspect that sales of the iPad mini have
exceeded those of the iPad. The iPad mini offers the same functions as the
larger tablet but at a lower price point.

Don't miss Part Two, airing tonight

Armstrong on 'Oprah': I used performance-enhancing drugs, 'bullied'
-- In the first of a two-part interview with Oprah Winfrey,
disgraced Olympic cyclist Lance Armstrong at last admitted to doping
throughout his career, after denying any wrongdoing in wake of the United
States Anti-Doping Agency's decision last year to strip him of all seven
Tour de France wins and his bronze medal from the 2000 Olympics.

More in Apple news

Key Apple
Retail Exec Jerry McDougal Resigns
-- Apple, Inc. experiences another
internal shake-up with the departure of the vice president of retail Jerry
McDougal, who had been a candidate for leading the chain of retail stores.
McDougal left in order to focus on family and not for work-related reasons,
according to reports. The vacant position will be filled by Jim Bean, a
vice president in the financial division.

- Sydney Lazarus

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