Afternoon Coffee: Consumer App Tracks Food Supply Chain, UPS Heavy Freight, French Factory Farts

Know what you're eating.
McDonald's Australian Launches iOS Apps That Allows Diners to Check Presence of Meat with Horse DNA on Burgers -- The app works by scanning the image of a food item bought from McDonald's using the iOS camera. The app, using GPS and the free Wi-Fi in McDonald's outlets and combining it with date and time, accesses the company's supply chain. It then pinpoints the source of the fast food items, not only meat, but also its French fries, veggies, pickles, burger, cheese, fish, bread and mayo.

In the opposite corner: UPS' new urgent heavyweight service.
UPS launches new urgent heavyweight air freight service -- UPS announced a new express air freight service for urgent, time-sensitive and high-value international heavyweight shipments. The UPS Worldwide Express Freight is an extension of the UPS Worldwide Express package portfolio and offers customers a seamless experience between shipping express package and express freight.

The Boeing blame game.
Boeing's 787 Crisis: No End in Sight -- The news overnight seems to have become increasingly troubling for Boeing, as investigations into the 787?s problems fan out in all directions. Although it is still not known which, if any, of at least four Boeing suppliers may be to blame, it is clear that the Federal Aviation Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board are leaving no stone unturned.

I hope they at least said "excuse me."
Rotten eggs stench reaches UK after French gas leak -- A cloud of harmless gas smelling of sweat and rotten eggs leaked out of a chemicals factory in northwest France and wafted across the English Channel as far as London on Tuesday. The leak occurred on Monday morning at a Lubrizol France plant near Rouen, 120 km (75 miles) northwest of Paris, and winds blew the invisible gas cloud south over northern France on Monday night and then up into England on Tuesday.

- Sheena Moore

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