A Spend Matters Style Revival

Something that's changed quite a bit in the past few years as we've moved from a counter-culture blog covering procurement to the largest sector publication online (still a blog, mind you, but with a bit more of a grown-up corporate attitude) is that we somehow managed to engineer all the style and personality out of the blog, at least on a regular basis. The wit that Spend Matters was founded on has unfortunately become a bit...dare we say...soulless.

With Pierre now on board, we're committed to making sure that we revert to the individual voice that made Spend Matters what it was originally. It will be less filtered, more raw. More of us. Less of the company "we" or "our research suggests." In a sense, this will really be a back to the future move for us, but it's really overdue.

Pierre Mitchell will bring a zinger of a voice into the mix and will be contributing daily going forward. And Thomas Kase, who speaks English as his fifth language but writes on a PhD level (our very own Joseph Conrad), will continue to write with his trademark style, whether it's about procurement, supplier management or some European social program he's had enough of. And I, of course, promise to bring back the old voice as well – the voice that started the entire thing.

It's once again time for Spend Matters to become more alive and real, an introspective yet fun work in progress. "People" meets the "Economist" as Pierre likes to say. You'll still find our content thoroughly researched and nuanced, especially on Spend Matters PRO. But more on that vision in the coming weeks as Pierre once again calls on his muse, along with the rest of us, as we get our literary flair and procurement mojo working once again.

Jason Busch

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