Afternoon Coffee: Intuit Partners with Tradeshift, Samsung Rises, Virgin Atlantic Will Sell Art

Time saver!
QuickBooks Online connects with Tradeshift to streamline e-invoicing -- Good news for small businesses in the UK, who will be the first to benefit from a free app connecting QuickBooks Online with Tradeshift. As a result of Intuit's new partnership, users will be able to access TradeShift's cloud platform for free and thus streamline their interactions with trade partners regarding tasks such as invoicing.

How would Steve Jobs react?
Samsung surpasses Apple in chip purchases -- Remember the days when Apple and its charismatic CEO seemed unstoppable? Now Samsung is proving itself to be a tough competitor, having surpassed Apple as the world's biggest buyer of semiconductors. High demand for Samsung smartphones and tablet computers in markets from the U.S. to China has caused the Korean company to increase its chip purchases by 29% in 2012.

Portrait of Richard Branson not for sale
Virgin Atlantic takes in-flight shopping to an art form -- Virgin airplanes will soon be equipped with art galleries--sort of. The enterprising British artist Ben Eine came up with the unusual idea of selling his paintings alongside the traditional duty-free offerings of perfume and liquor. Passengers will be able to view the virtual gallery through the plane's entertainment system. The catch? The art won't be duty-free, as their price tags, which range between $4,000 and $24,000, exceed the maximum tax-free amount.

Sweden's proposed cow tax
"Slap carbon tax on meat to reduce emissions" -- Sweden's increasing consumption of imported meat has led its Agricultural Board to propose a tax, citing environmental concerns. Meat consumption in Sweden is higher than the EU average, and beef production in particular puts strain on the environment due to more resources being used during transport, according to the agricultural board report.

- Sydney Lazarus

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