Afternoon Coffee: Deadliest Jobs in US, Slow Growth of Supply Chain Finance, Prescription Cigs?

Buy buy buy?
Apple Suppliers Slammed, but Experts Say Buy -- "While the soft guidance (for January to March) will certainly put pressure on Apple's Asia supply chain today, we believe now is the time to accumulate, not take profit, especially for investors with a 3- to 6-month or longer time horizon," Kirk Yang, head of Asia tech hardware research at Barclays, wrote in a note following the earnings release.

Who would actually "prescribe" a cigarette?
Bill proposed in Oregon would make cigarettes prescription-only drugs -- Rep. Mitch Greenlick, from Portland, is sponsoring a bill that makes cigarettes a Schedule III controlled substance, meaning it would be illegal to possess or distribute cigarettes without a doctor's prescription. Under the proposal, offenders would face maximum punishments of one year in prison, a $6,250 fine or both.

Remind me not to get into commercial fishing or logging.
The Deadliest Jobs In America, In One Graphic -- Here's a look at the rate of work-related, on-the-job deaths in 2011 for U.S. workers. We included the three deadliest occupations, along with a handful of other jobs. (Here's thecomplete list, which comes from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.)

A lack of SCF growth, but why?
Why is Supply Chain Finance so Slow to Grow? -- There is no question that the principles of supply chain finance (SCF) are strong and that the correspondent benefits are considerable. The perspective to get financed on the basis of the client's creditworthiness should line up multitudes of roaring companies demanding for such an attractive--and apparently low cost--facility. Yet, reality shows that SCF programs are evolving very slowly and are far from widespread adoption. Financial institutions have invested significant resources in money, time, and staff to develop and market SCF programs but have so far obtained relatively small returns compared to the initial expectations. Non-finance companies represent a growing SCF alternative to banks but their firepower is a small fraction of what financial institutions may put in place.

- Sheena Moore

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