Friday Latte: Profitable Supplier Relationships, Sustainable Fish at McDonald’s, iPads for Primates

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3 Ways to Earn Loyalty and Profit from Your Suppliers: Lessons from Dell -- A good supplier relationship goes far beyond just saving money. Understanding the sell-side of procurement is crucial if you want to become your supplier's priority customer. Join Kevin Turner of Dell, Jason Busch of Spend Matters and Ravi Thakur of Coupa next Wednesday at noon CST for a webinar on building profitable supplier relationships, the pros and cons of supplier networks and more.

At least we know it's not sea horse
McDonald's to sell only 'sustainable' fish -- Get ready for the ad campaign. McDonald's has announced plans to sell only certified sustainable, wild-caught Alaskan pollock, just in time for the February launch of its new Fish McBites. With more restaurant chains becoming aware of sustainability and animal welfare, reports say that cage-free eggs may be next at the fast-food giant.

Here's an excuse to go shopping
Fashion retailers join Greenpeace to detox supply chain -- Victoria's Secret and Benetton Group are the latest fashion companies to vow to remove hazardous chemicals from their supply chains. After investigations by Greenpeace revealed the high levels of toxic and cancer-causing chemicals in the products of popular international clothing retailers, 14 brands have joined Greenpeace's Detox Program to clean up their act.

We'll let you come up with your own primate puns
Orangutans monkey around with iPads at zoo -- The Smithsonian's National Zoo has finally recognized that daily life can get a little dull for its smarter tenants. The solution? Apps for Apes, a program that allows orangutans to enrich their lives by using iPads. The orangutans have access to more than ten apps, including virtual pianos and drums, drawing and cognitive games, but no YouTube videos as of yet.

- Sydney Lazarus

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