Dreamliners Flying Again, Flu Epidemic Boon, Obama, Climate Change, and Procurement

Lowered safety standards.

Dreamliner Flew Thanks To Lowered Safety Standards -- Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner fleet has been grounded worldwide since January 17, when electrical problems caused an All Nippon Airways flight to make an emergency landing. Now reports suggest that the high-tech jets may have  made it into the air in the first place over deliberately lowered safety standards.

Coughing and sneezing…all the way to the bank!

Flu Epidemic Boon For Drugstore Chains Line Walgreens, Cough and Cold Marketers -- While the flu epidemic has no doubt been a drag for Americans who’ve caught the bug, these fever-ridden coughers have sent drugstore chains and manufacturers of over-the-counter remedies all the way to the bank.

Government going green?

Obama's Climate Change Promise: Procurement Could Offer Solution -- That leaves executive action as a viable option for Obama. One oft-overlooked step for him would be to use the procurement process for the federal government to buy green technologies. If the government makes massive investments, the price for these goods would go down as they go to market. The procurement process, could, in most cases, bypass Congress.

More transparency for Apple.

Apple Sheds More Light on Assemblers-- In another small step toward transparency in its supply chain Apple Inc. AAPL +2.11% listed for the first time the details of its final assembly facilities — including the companies that run the plants, where they are located and what products they put together.

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