Tesco Drops Horsemeat Supplier, Student Debt Worsening, Smog Driving Air Purifier Sales

“Breach of trust [was] simply too great”

Horsemeat Scandal: Tesco Drops Supplier Over Horsemeat in Value Burgers – After all the bad publicity over the discovery of horse DNA in Tesco’s beef burgers, the retailer has decided to drop Silvercrest, its former supplier. Tesco is also embarking on a comprehensive system of DNA testing on its meat products to make sure that in the future, beef burgers are truly made of beef.

Student debt worsening

Half of Student Loan Holders Deferring Payments – A new study has found that the weak job market is contributing to more than half of student loan accounts delaying payments on principle and interest. What’s more, the average debt per borrower has grown since 2007 to $23,829, an increase of 30 percent.

Take a number

The Social Network Where No One Knows Your Name – Call it a happy medium between Facebook and 4chan. True to its name, the new social network Social Number gives users complete anonymity by letting them post under a number instead of their real names while monitoring for hate speech. This way, people can voice their opinions on hot-button topics such as politics or religion without risking alienating friends and acquaintances.

Making a fortune on smog

Beijing Smog Offers Silver Lining for Some – It makes perfect sense logically. While hazardous air pollution in the Chinese capital has sent its citizens to the hospital, caused flight cancellations and worsened car traffic, it has been a boon to makers of air purifiers. According to company executives, sales have tripled in recent months.

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  1. Philip:

    Does anyone else remember the move “Space Balls? with Rick Moranis and John Candy? Who would have thought that Perri-Air would actually become a real product?!?!

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