Jobs Council Shutdown, Late Tax Returns, Facebook Spend ROI, MNR on Chicken Wings

Gotta have those wings.

Super Bowl 2013: Chicken Wings Are Still a Favorite Despite Supply Issues and Higher Prices -- It’s Super Bowl Time and chicken wings are in demand.  An age-old tradition is more expensive this year because of a long and severe drought that hit the Midwest this past summer (2012).  The drought destroyed fields and increased crop prices, causing chicken growers to reduce production.

Uncle Sam is getting into some early pay discounts…?

Your Money: Expect to pay for fast tax refund -- For many people living paycheck to paycheck, a big fat federal income tax refund just cannot arrive soon enough. This season's tax refunds, though, are going to be one week late because the Internal Revenue Service couldn't begin processing the vast majority of returns until Jan. 30. Blame Washington for dragging out the fiscal cliff debate and tinkering too long with the tax code.

“Roadmap to renewal” indeed.

Obama's Jobs Council Shutting Down Thursday -- President Barack Obama will let his jobs council expire this week without renewing its charter, winding down one source of input from the business community even as unemployment remains stubbornly high.

An interesting bit of purchase-tracking technology…using Facebook.

Blueye Launches Loyalty Engagement Platform for Brands and Agencies -- Blueye, a provider of social commerce technology and services that drive customer loyalty, launched the Loyalty HUB – an engagement platform to help brands create, manage and monetize multi-stage loyalty programs. As marketers look for new ways to tie social media to ROI and customer retention, Blueye offers solutions to help brands shift from creating one and done campaigns to building more sustainable ways to engage with their most valuable customers in social – to influence and drive their purchase behavior.

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