Oracle’s Value Chain Summit: Procurement Dispatch 1

I’ll be at Oracle’s Value Chain Summit in San Francisco for the first part of this week, covering the latest from them in procurement and related realms. Oracle shared in advance that the purpose of the gathering is to combine six individual summits (maintenance, manufacturing, procurement, product lifecycle management, value chain execution and value chain planning) into one event.

Over 1,700 people are expected. As one of them with a targeted agenda, I’m most looking forward to talking to Oracle’s customers in the procurement area as well as checking out the latest for myself in the product demonstrations (with Oracle, there are only 1-2 times per year when its possible for an analyst to get this level of access).

In particular, these are some of the topics I’m most looking forward to exploring:

  • How Oracle is tying all of its different product lines together in a cohesive set of procurement offerings, capabilities and strategies (by our count, there’s over 30 products, modules, etc. that Oracle sells within procurement and related areas!)
  • The latest with Oracle Fusion Procurement customer usage and adoption (the #1 elephant in the room here is Fusion adoption/usage in general; not our area of expertise)
  • Oracle Supplier Hub and Oracle's solution Supplier Lifecycle Management (very promising last time we saw it and got customer input)
  • A general update on Oracle iProcurement (the Oracle eProcurement workhorse)
  • Oracle’s network strategy post Ariba/SAP (elephant in the room #2 – we’re not certain Oracle has the full answers to this one yet, either)
  • Oracle’s partner ecosystem for procurement – how it’s evolving, what Oracle is doing to foster hosting and BPO relationships, etc.


Oracle has scheduled out our time here almost to the minute, so don’t expect that many live dispatches, but I promise quick turnarounds (ideally same day on some content). The rest we’ll publish through later this week and month. Look for higher level Oracle coverage on Spend Matters and Oracle analysis and recommendations on Spend Matters PRO. We thank Oracle for giving us this level of access to products and customers, enabling us to drink from the solution and user fire hose. Stay tuned!

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