P&G in South America, Procurement Fraud, Chicago's NATO Spending

"The new center will consolidate supply-chain planning of 25 company operations on the continent."

Procter & Gamble to open supply chain center for Latin America -- Procter & Gamble Co. announced Monday it will open a new supply-chain planning center for its entire operation in Latin America, ticotimes.net reported. The new facilities will be located in Costa Rica. P&G will invest up to $6 million and create 500 new jobs for engineers, business administrators and logistics and customs specialists.

It isn’t easy…

Spotting fraud and corruption -- If I accused you of committing fraud or of acting corruptly in your role as a procurement professional (or indeed whatever role you currently fill), how would you react? I suspect you would be angry. You might shout at me, or worse. You might be indignant – how dare you accuse me of these sins or crimes? You would be hurt.  Me?  You really think I’m the sort of person who would do that? You could become threatening. I’ll sue you for slander. I’ll get you back – you haven’t heard the end of this.

That’s a lot of cash.

City Spent $27.4 Million On NATO Summit -- According to the City Inspector General, Chicago spent $27.4 million to host the NATO summit in May. That includes almost $19 million in overtime for city employees and nearly $700,000 paid to municipalities for use of their police force. The city used money from federal grants and the NATO Host Committee, plus repurposed FEMA funds.

Business lessons…from airports.

Eleven things organizations can learn from airports --  The airport mistakes its market domination for a you-have-no-choice monopoly (we do have a choice, we stay home). And in pursuit of reliable, predictable outcomes, these organizations dehumanize everything, pretending it will increase profits, when it actually does exactly the opposite.

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