Category Sourcing Webinar, Dell's Private Ownership, No More Saturday Mail

BravoSolution is hosting a category sourcing webinar!

Driving Savings: Using the Category Sourcing Scorecard to Build a Smarter, Faster Sourcing Pipeline – Procurement companies can increase their savings simply by having smart sourcing pipelines. Andrew Bartolini of Ardent Partners, who recently developed a Category Sourcing Scorecard to help sourcing teams evaluate categories across a standard set of factors, will be demonstrating how to use the scorecard in an hour-long webinar next Tuesday at 11 am EST.

“Tablets have dramatically changed the device landscape for PCs”

Dell deal reflects PC world in turmoil as sales continue to nosedive – Could it be the post-PC era already? Facing dropping sales, CEO Michael Dell has decided to take the company into private ownership. The rising popularity of smartphones and tablets, coupled with a sluggish economy, has meant that fewer people are buying Dell laptops and that the company is in dire need of a transformation.

Apple finally dips into self-promotion like every other company

Apple Tries (A Little Harder) to Get Its Message Out – The tech company notorious for its aloofness with the press might be trying a new tactic now that other companies such as Samsung have proven to be serious competition. Last week Apple sent out a press release about upgrading its mobile operating system from iOS 6 to 6.1, an unusual act for a company that previously limited press releases to major milestones and products.

In news that everyone saw coming…

Postal Office to stop delivering mail on Saturdays – Citing financial concerns, the U.S. Postal Office announced plans to end Saturday delivery of first-class mail starting this summer. For years, USPS has been facing billion-dollar deficits, and a five-day delivery schedule is expected to save the ailing government agency $2 billion per year.

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