Basware: Out of the Sauna, Into the P2P Fire (Part 2)

Please click here for the first installment in this series as well as our initial coverage on Spend Matters UK/Europe.

In continuing on with our market, financial and competitive analysis of Basware, we come to our summary competitive position analysis. Please note this section (and the rest of this series) does not do justice to Basware’s new platform, Alusta, which we’ll be exploring in additional detail later in Q1 and Q2 on.

Basware Summary Competitive Position

  • Basware has developed one of the stronger e-invoicing mousetraps in the market and we believe this legacy product set still has growth potential globally, despite the introduction of a new platform
  • The ability to scale the new Alusta product suite and platform (or derivatives in middle market and larger organizations) in tandem with an integrated network offering holds the key to Basware’s longer-term growth and a faster acceleration to a cloud-dominant business model
  • Basware should not be viewed as an eProcurement contender at this point until overall functionality catches up with their suite vision and Alusta cloud model build-out

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