Growing Pot, Mystery Horse Beef, HP Supplier Crackdown, Hermes Birken Bags

One toke over the line.

As more than 25% of California’s Humboldt County’s $1.6 billion industry, and preparing for legalization in nearby Washington State - what’s the environmental impact of growing pot?

I can't stop thinking about Boxer from Animal Farm.

“The problem isn’t horse meat. It’s mystery horse beef.” In a world where most of our food is processed by some means, people have a right to be paranoid about this stuff.

HP issues tighter guidelines…

…against underage and student workers in China. “According to a press release HP released on Friday, the company’s new guidelines for student and temporary workers go far beyond local regulatory requirements in China and anything HP has mandated in the past.”

It’s Fashion Week!!

The waitlist for a Birken remains - and by keeping materials high quality and production low, Hermes intends to keep it that way.

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