China Tries to Hack Spend Matters Network Site MetalMiner

Spend Matters Network site MetalMiner has joined the illustrative company of the New York Times, Bloomberg and The Wall Street Journal to be targeted for hack attacks from China. MetalMiner Editor Taras Berezowsky notes in a somewhat cheeky piece that, “China has already attempted to hack MetalMiner, with lukewarm results … After noticing hacking attempts into both and, we had to take specific blocking measures to thwart the Chinese IP addresses.”

Of course we’re not entirely sure the exact reason for the Chinese intrusion. Taras jokingly questions, if the hackers had been successful, “would they have stumbled upon the digital reams of stories covering the numerous fair trade infractions and actions levied upon them” or “would they have cracked open our reporting on how China’s government is unfairly moving to compete with the Western world on its own turf, what with state subsidies and other incentives designed to ‘un-level’ the playing field?”

Or would the Chinese hackers “have noticed that we carry more (and better) Chinese local pricing for countless types and forms of industrial metals than anyone else in the metals intelligence sphere?” The questions abound. But one thing is clear: MetalMiner has joined the illustrative company of far longer-lived media houses in attracting the attention of computer geeks in China who get paid to snoop on Western publishers reporting on China without the oversight of the Chinese politburo.

Good job team! We must be doing something _______  [insert your own word: right, just, ethical, moral, correct, etc.] to attract such attention from the Chinese.

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  1. mao:

    spend matters is running dog of reactionary imperalist paper tigers

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