Procurement Information Architecture Part 3.2: Analytics

Breaking up the analytics solution for greater design flexibility

Using a multi-part analytics architecture helps break the IT/Procurement logjam and provide more flexibility in vendor selections

In the first installment of Procurement Information Architecture Part 3: Analytics, we discussed the role of analytics in the overall procurement information architecture.

In this second installment, we will discuss the value of breaking the analytics technology stack into different building blocks so that procurement and IT can be better satisfied in their individual goals. Although spend analysis is not even 10% of the overall supply analytics footprint, it is a good illustration of this concept. Here’s my ‘dummies guide to procurement analytics architecture’ in three layers:

Part 1: The supply data warehouse. Or, a place for your stuff.

Part 2: Data Transformation…with a big “T”

Part 3: Data Analysis… beyond the BASS system

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