Spend Matters Netherlands and UK/Europe Expansion

We’re thrilled that Spend Matters Netherlands is our first local language website in the Spend Matters Network. But what does our jump to the Continent mean? How can global readers take advantage of our regional, in-country coverage, even if they don’t speak Dutch? We’ll try and answer a number of questions below in an FAQ.

Will you translate Spend Matters Netherlands into English?

Spend Matters and Spend Matters UK/Europe will translate select stories into English if we believe they will be relevant to our global readership. We promise more interesting translations after happy hour than in the morning, as we’re sure Gert (our Dutch Executive Editor) will provide as well, for those articles he plans to translate into Dutch.

With the Dutch site feature stories from other Spend Matters sites?

Absolutely. The Netherlands team will translate select stories into Dutch and will localize the content for their readership.

What will Spend Matters global readers learn from reading translated Dutch stories? 

We hope quite a bit! After getting to know Gert, we were personally surprised to learn just how sophisticated leading Dutch companies were in the procurement area compared to other regions in Europe. Many leading company practices in The Netherlands, from supplier development, engagement and risk management to sustainable sourcing, are at the vanguard of EU and global company efforts.

Will Spend Matters expand into other countries in Europe on a local language basis?

We hope to someday. But one step at a time! We launched in Holland because we met the right person to lead the efforts. And we want to get things right in the Netherlands before launching additional efforts on the Continent in other local languages.

Will Spend Matters Netherlands be added to the Spend Matters Network site?

Yes, but give us a couple of weeks as we make site tweaks and figure out whether we’ll just be featuring English translations or non-translated Dutch articles as well.

Any other questions? Leave them in the comments and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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