Supply Chain Carelessness, Airline Merger, Blackberry Ex-Chief Sells Stake, Pay to Promote Friends

Referencing horsemeat never gets old

A new survey by accounting firm Ernst & Young has found that only 48 percent of companies in the UK are adequately diligent about monitoring their supply chains. Furthermore, 30 percent do not bother to do any checks at all.

Worrisome news for domestic fliers

According to economists and consumer advocates, the upcoming merger of American Airlines and US Airways is likely to lead to decreased service to smaller cities, as well as fare increases for routes between midsize ones.

Or he just wanted to diversify his portfolio

A filing released this week revealed that Jim Balsillie, the former co-chief executive of Blackberry and its largest shareholder, had sold all of his shares at the end of 2012. The shares are estimated to have been worth between $167m and $396m.

In case you’re looking for another way to spend money on Facebook

Facebook’s expanded promoted posts feature now allows you to promote your friend’s posts—but you have to pay, of course, to have the post occupy the VIP slot of a news feed.

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