Fake Fish, Almond Supply (and Bees), GE Sues Whirlpool, The Great Walmart Oreo Caper

Coming to a plate near you!
A lot of restaurant fish isn’t what the menu says it is - and the health risks are pretty scary.

Who knew??
A bee shortage may affect the world’s almond supply. “In order to solve this problem bees are urgently needed. With almond blooming around the corner growers are frantically looking for bees to meet their supply and demand. Bee prices are at an all-time high of more than $200 a colony.”

That’s a lot of Oreos.
A Walmart employee in Indiana admits to stealing a pack of Oreos every week for over four years, telling CBS “she stole the goods because at a pay grade of $11.40 an hour, she couldn't afford to buy them.”

Fridge wars.
Apparently, two European parts suppliers ran a price fixing scheme that caused GE to pay more for refrigerator parts.

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