Oscar Night Costs, Whole Foods' Reputation, Amazon Lawsuit, Mission to Mars

Who’s betting on Argo?
For movie studios, winning Best Picture can mean raking in additional millions at the box office.

“Price does not equal value, and value is in the eye of the beholder.”
Is lowering prices hurting Whole Foods? After a weak Q1, one Forbes contributor argues that competitive prices are chipping away at the grocery giant’s natural foods reputation.

Fighting to be on your Kindle
Three independent bookstores recently filed a lawsuit against Amazon for signing secret contracts with major publishing houses, including Random House, Penguin and HarperCollins, to keep small booksellers out of the e-book market.

Another day, another millionaire with a questionable travel plan
The 72-year-old millionaire Dennis Tito, who became the first private citizen to fly into space in 2001, is now planning a more ambitious journey for 2018: a 501-day mission to Mars and, hopefully, back.

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