Welcome New Sponsors: MarketMaker4

We’re thrilled to announce that MarketMaker4 has become the latest Spend Matters sponsor, signing a multi-year relationship deal that spans not just an Associate Sponsorship of our core site, but also a cool collaboration on driving debate and commentary around the future of the e-sourcing market with multiple perspectives and voices.

I’ve personally known the directors of MarketMaker4 as peers and thought leaders within the procurement and strategic sourcing movement since the early days of the sector. Alan Buxton, Chirag Shah, and Dave Bowen are passionate about the future the market, and I’ve always respected their efforts to bring innovation into the sector. MarketMaker4, their latest venture, is their most creative and forward thinking yet several levels, including bringing market and commodity insight to the forefront of sourcing decisions.

In my opinion, MarketMaker4 represents the second or third generation of my former employer, FreeMarkets. Not only is their expertise wrapped around a core, self-service e-sourcing solution – there’s data, insight and global support. The team has pushed the thinking beyond what e-sourcing has become, creating a new branch of the strategic sourcing tools market that is just plain different than what others are up to.

Alan Buxton, COO of MarketMaker4 commented, “MarketMaker4 as a company is best described as a ‘wise head on young shoulders’. Although only in our third year of business, the management team has been operating in the eProcurement sector since its inception. With MarketMaker4, we’re bringing a completely fresh approach to eSourcing; combining business intelligence and market insight to create a more comprehensive and more seamless decision-making environment for our clients. Akin to augmenting a smartphone’s core functionality with ‘apps’, we see our venture as opening a door to a whole new world of supply chain integration and collaboration. We look forward to being at the forefront of the debate around how this world will evolve.”

In most cases on Spend Matters, we enjoy covering growing providers for months or years before they sponsor or become involved in the site. Yet we’re new to MarketMaker4’s latest capabilities, given how fast they’re developing. We look forward to delving into their solutions on a comparative basis and letting our collective team and readership decide which approaches to e-sourcing will be most effective in the decades to come. The MarketMaker4 team will be adding to the debate as well, breathing life into a sector we’re truly passionate about here, but often loses airtime compared with eProcurement, e-invoicing and more transactional-focused technology.

Please join us in welcoming MarketMaker4 as the latest Spend Matters sponsor.

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