Wallmedien: A P2P Wrapper for the Confused ERP Purchasing Masses (Part 4)

In an earlier installment in this series, we referenced the P2P passion and technical prowess of Wallmedien’s leadership. This enthusiasm comes through loud and clear in some of the analytics capability and forward look product development that Wallmedien is building, including views and business intelligence driven insights into historic buying activity. An example of this is Wallmedien’s analytics suite that allows administrators or category managers to drill down base on spending activity by shopping cart of other metrics (e.g., examining top suppliers not just in terms of dollars, but SKUs, inclusion in shopping carts, etc.)

This current (production) analytical environment is drillable on a highly granular level. And it’s potentially also integrated into the broader networking buying user-base on an opt-in basis. Looking forward, Wallmedien will likely release capability (it’s already built) that enables customers to benchmark pricing and related metrics over 100 million SKUs bought through its systems if they opt-in into this comparison model. This can provide real-time insights into how a company is buying across truly massive sets of data in a real-time query-based manner.

Wallmedien’s enthusiasm for tackling P2P and big data together also comes through in how it is thinking about architecting and configuring its next generation of solutions, including new ways of integrating suppliers in a much more self-service driven manner for complex catalog procurement. Simply put, this vision (which is already reality today in pilots) is to focus on all aspects of indirect spend enablement, self-service and improved buying based on market knowledge and transactional information placed contextually throughout the buying (and strategy development, for broader category analysis) process. As Georg Wall told us, “Indirect spend is a big data problem. We are looking at the next the next generation of solution delivery in a big data context.”

But what do Wallmedien customers have to say? In recent reference discussions, we saw the same level of enthusiasm for Wallmedien as Wallmedien’s leadership has for P2P systems. In fact, one such discussion sparked an entire PRO research brief on tips from the reference trenches on how procurement organizations should vet and evaluate providers.

As we note on Spend Matters PRO, “transparency” and expertise were key in going with Wallmedien. The provider “bent ‘over backwards in the process, explained and clarified and had no secrets’ and did not try to obfuscate any issues. Moreover, they were also the ‘right size’ … [they were] also flexible and willing to accommodate their various approaches. And last, they had the confidence that they would learn from Wallmedien’s other clients, and benefit from the features those clients requests.” And from a deployment approach, “They spent a good deal of time thinking about how to model their processes (with Wallmedien) and this was quite helpful around implementation and rollout.”

How does Wallmedien stack up to the competition and which other providers should organizations consider to augment, enhance and/or replacement ERP procurement infrastructure? Turn to Spend Matters PRO for the answer!

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