Meatless Meat Pies, Groupon Fires CEO, Futuristic Walking Cane, Horsemeat May Soon Be Stateside

An Icelandic food company is the latest newcomer to the fashionable meat scandal. In this case, however, testing showed that the purported beef pies contained no mammalian DNA and appeared to be made of vegetable matter. Still, could have been human.

Groupon has fired CEO Andrew Mason, after the once-hot startup suffered a net loss of $81 million in the previous quarter, which caused its stock price to plummet 24% in one day.

The cane of the future monitors heart rate and temperature, gives directions, calls for help if it senses a fall and even provides walking support.

A horse slaughtering plant in New Mexico is likely to receive approval from the Department of Agriculture within the next couple months, potentially marking the first time since 2007 that equine meat is produced for consumption in the United States.

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