Procurement Leaders Hit Chicago Next Week: Catch Pierre! (Part 1)

Next week, Spend Matters Chief Research Officer Pierre Mitchell will be in Chicago for the Procurement Leaders event that’s taking place on Wednesday and Thursday. Further information on the agenda can be found here. We’re fans of Procurement Leaders events at Spend Matters. Spend Matters PRO subscribers access our analysis of some of Procurement Leaders offerings (and how their events stack up) here:

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Next week, Pierre is co-presenting with Reed Elsevier’s Eric Walsworth on the topic of Building Supplier Intelligence without tears… or a lot of budget!

As Pierre frames the case, “So, you need to build deep intelligence on thousands of your suppliers to support an ever-growing list of requirements: tactical sourcing (e.g., rapid supplier discovery), strategic category management, diversity (minority- and women-owned, small business, etc.), gorilla customers, corporate sustainability, supply risk management programs, and on and on. But the ROI on this non-trivial effort can seem unclear relative to your metrics and you don’t have a massive budget to support it. Yet the business (from all sides) is demanding more and more insight at what feels like an exponential rate. This session will focus on sharing some proven tactics to build supplier intelligence on a budget, and will feature metrics, case study examples and facilitated peer discussion to bring compliance into focus.”

We’ll be sure to cover Pierre’s presentation from the event on Spend Matters. Stay tuned! And in Part 2 of this post, we’ll share some snippets for how Procurement Leaders events compare to other conferences.

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