Procurement Leaders Hit Chicago Next Week: Catch Pierre! (Part 2)

Pierre Mitchell (Spend Matters Chief Research Officer) is presenting next week at the Procurement Leaders event in Chicago. But how do Procurement Leaders events stack up to others, such as ISM, Sourcing Interests Group (SIG) and ProcureCon? In the Spend Matters PRO comparative research analysis What Procurement Events Should You Attend in 2013?" we note that Procurement Leaders events are the best investment one can make in procurement-specific conferences due to the fact that their format is typically no longer than a day. And the structure just works.

Furthermore, for networking with procurement executives and a more senior audience (from consultancies and vendors), PL stands alone. They’re not without some faults, as “the quality of the presentation content can be somewhat inconsistent.” Nevertheless, overall we give PL in our full review some of the highest marks in the categories on which we rate events on PRO:

Marketing Investment Score (for providers)

Content quality (for practitioners)

General networking


Procurement Leaders is facing increased competition in the procurement events market from new entrants such as Consera, as well as from others that are doubling down on their efforts. Moreover, SCM World is beginning to touch on procurement topics as well and Geraint John (the founder of CPO Agenda, a publication that started with a bang but could not be salvaged by CIPs after his departure) is now a part of the procurement conference scene as well, having joined this organization.

No doubt the events space is getting interesting. But we know the Procurement Leaders recipe works.

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