Global Supplier Intelligence: A Bureau van Dijk Review

What’s in a name? Bureau van Dijk is an interesting one to the say the least; although it doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue for many in the US (the last part rhymes with ‘dike’, which is also what it means in Dutch, if you’re curious).

Fortunately, the sector that BvD competes in is easier to understand. If you’ve used Dun & Bradstreet for researching supplier financial health or enriching spend data, you’re familiar with the concept: financial information, business news, geographical locations, parent-child information – much of the information you would like to have about a company when thinking about supply or risk management.

BvD has several subsidiaries across the globe that support their many product lines:

  • Zephyr – M&A-focused with economic market data
  • Amadeus, Orbis, Oriana, Osiris – company information
  • Vertical specific products packaged as “Catalysts” – including their Procurement Catalyst


Spend Matters has recently had the opportunity to take the last one – the Procurement Catalyst – for a good spin. We used it for a real exercise, looking at the participant firms in a current sourcing solution RFP that we are fielding – with over 30 solution providers participating. That said, we haven’t really reviewed any of the other BvD solutions – and they have packaged their data in so many ways that they’ve had to come up with a product selector to guide prospects to the right solution.

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