Taulia’s Million Dollar Guarantee, Tradeshift Interviews Jason, Hubwoo and Microsoft

Jason talks to Pete Loughlin about Tradeshift & Intuit

Hubwoo has teamed up with Microsoft to enable B2B cloud collaboration: "Hubwoo (Euronext: HBW.NX), a leader in collaborative business networks, today announced that it has teamed up with Microsoft Corp (Nasdaq: MSFT) to help tens of thousands of Microsoft ERP customers with a step change in spend compliance and accounts payable automation."

Taulia announces a Million Dollar Guarantee - “that promises savings of at least one million dollars from discounts captured within the first year.”

As flatscreen technology has made cathode ray tubes obsolete, thousands of old monitors and television sets create stockpiles of useless material around the world.

Ryanair orders $15.6 Billion in airplanes from Boeing (737s, not Dreamliners!)

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