Conflict Minerals: A Case for Supplier Management

MetalMiner and Spend Matters present:

Conflict Minerals EDGE

May, 6th 2013 - Hotel Sax: Chicago, IL

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Conflict Minerals EDGE: Compliance Questions Answered

MetalMiner Announces Conflict Minerals EDGE Conference – May 6, 2013

One area of Conflict Minerals compliance that manufactures are generally quite confused about is the role of appropriate technology in driving conflict minerals compliance. This is a topic we’ve examined on Spend Matters PRO (subscription required) from a technology angle already (and plan to tackle significantly more in the coming months). See:

Conflict Minerals – How To Prepare Your Supply Chain (Part 1)

Conflict Minerals – How To Prepare Your Supply Chain (Part 2)

Dodd-Frank Conflict Minerals Law: Headaches for Metal Supply Chains

Technology can play a critical enabling roll in conflict minerals compliance strategy. Providers with supplier management modules including Aravo, CVM Solutions, HICX, Hiperos, GXS (RollStream), Oracle, SAP, SciQuest and Zycus all have their place in solving certain aspects of the conflict minerals challenge (some are stronger than others, no doubt!)

But there’s a role for solutions that approach conflict minerals in different ways, ranging from data enrichment to chain of custody to demand aggregation. This laundry list of providers includes such vendors as Source44, 3E, D&B, PTC, Supply Dynamics and many more.

At Conflict Minerals EDGE, we’ll be spending close to two hours exploring the technology provider landscape for solving conflict minerals challenges – and taking questions from the audience. We’re also planning to leave attendees with specific recommendations, templates and presentations they can take back to their organizations to sort through and best decide what classes of solutions (and which vendors) are the best fit for their individual needs.

In the meantime, we will continue to explore this topic on Spend Matters and Spend Matters PRO (in greater detail). If you’re a technology provider with a specific solution in the conflict minerals space and you’ve not been in touch with us, please reach out. And if you’re a practitioner interested in exploring the topic further, please connect with us at Conflict Minerals EDGE in one of the networking breaks. We’d be happy to provide some further color behind the landscape.

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