Vote For Pedro! Vote For Visibility!

Spend Matters is hosting a webinar later this week titled: Vote For Visibility: Yes, Procurement and Data Can Dance. It’s taking place Wednesday, March 27, from 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM CDT. I’m participating from the Spend Matters side, and joining me will be Cherlyn Decker, Procurement Director at AOL and Scott McBride of Iasta. Here’s our premise (and some of what we’ll cover):

  • It’s possible to make your procurement data truly sing (and dance)
  • There’s a logical progression (leading to where procurement, spend, supplier and related data can truly jive with Jamiroquai)
    • It starts with spend visibility/analytics …
    • … And moves to more advanced data-set combinations (and on from there)
  • Advanced analytics use cases can focus on getting more from spend visibility by combining finance, operational, category/market and third-party information sources in a single environment
  • Visibility and analytics can also be a bridge to bring procurement closer to other functions, including accelerating initiatives to drive incremental savings, compliance and risk reduction opportunities


Recently, we’ve admitted that we’re movie buffs (our last webinar featured the theme When Harry Met Sally). But that was really too close to an A-level production for our standards. Napoleon Dynamite is much more our “B” movie speed. And what better a move to represent the plight of procurement in today’s modern organization?

Think about it. Napoleon Dynamite, whom no one really believes in (even Uncle Rico – trust us on this one), pulls off a campaign to get Pedro elected as president of the student body.

This is a move about purchasing becoming supply management. Napoleon is modern procurement, lobbying his fellow stakeholders (i.e., students) to take control of their own destiny. And when the going gets rough, well, Napoleon proves he’s got the moves that no one thought he had in him.

Like an ugly spend category, Pedro is not exactly a prime candidate for student body president. Moreover, his competition, Summer Wheatley (think “Chief People Officer” or “HR” if you want to extend the procurement metaphor), has got a lot more going for her, at least on the surface. But Pedro triumphs. And your spend can too.

So join us! Vote for procurement – and spend visibility. Prove the underdog is the right one for the job – and that when given the opportunity, we can all rise to the occasion.

Register to attend Vote For Visibility: Yes, Procurement and Data Can Dance and learn how to make your data boogie real and unleash your inner Liger. Come on, admit it. You want to be known for your skills in spend magic as much as the next guy...

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