Spend Matters UK in Dubai, Weight-based Airfare, Shakespeare and the Free Market

Peter Smith (Spend Matters UK) and Guy Allen (owner of Real World Sourcing) are on their way to a BravoSolution Real World Sourcing event in Dubai. From Peter: “Guy is leading off with his session on Spend Analytics, then I’m going to be talking about ‘taking on a new category’ (in a category management context).  We will start by looking at whether it’s easier to take on a category that is new territory for procurement, or one that has been managed by someone else?”

Pounds are dollars: Samoa Air defends their decision to charge passengers based on how much they weigh.

A new study reveals that William Shakespeare not only evaded taxes, but also hoarded food to sell at high prices during times of shortage. Coriolanus, anyone?

And just for fun, here’s your internet April Fool’s Round-up (REI’s kitten gear was my personal favorite).

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