New iPhone In Production, Cell Phone Turns 40, Verizon Dispels Merger Rumors, Dumpster-Sourced Cafe

Could the iPhone 6 be here this summer? Apple, Inc. is starting production on a “refreshed” iPhone, similar in size and shape to the iPhone 5, in preparation for a possible summer product launch.

Meanwhile, the cell phone turns 40 today. The first call made on a cell phone, the 2.5-pound Motorola DynaTAC, took place on this day in 1973.

Verizon dispels rumors that it may merge with or buy the U.K. company Vodafone Group. Speculation over the possible merger had increased Vodafone’s stock prices by 6%.

A Tufts University student plans to open in Somerville, Mass. an underground restaurant that not only will source its ingredients from local dumpsters but will also offer its meals for free.

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