ATMs With Video Chat, Lululemon's CPO Leaves, Slow Hiring Growth In U.S., KFC Offers Boneless Chicken

Bank of America is bringing video chat to its ATMs in order to allow customers to interact with tellers during off-hours.

Chief product officer Sheree Waterson will leave Lululemon after last month’s major recall of too-sheer yoga pants, which is estimated to cost the company about $67 million.

Despite the recently dropping unemployment rate, the latest report from the U.S. Department of Labor shows that hiring significantly slowed in March, with only 88,000 jobs added.

Admit it: eating gloriously greasy fried chicken is too labor-intensive, what with all the bones that must be avoided. Thankfully, KFC will begin offering deep-fried, boneless chicken pieces later this month, and depending on sales, bone-in pieces may eventually be taken off the menu for good.

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