BravoSolution: Category-Specific Advanced Sourcing and Analytics (Part 1)

The Spend Matters team recently caught up with a number of the product and category minds behind BravoSolution’s products and solutions (including highly specialized solutions in transportation, packaging, MRO, and IT). We didn’t just discuss some of the nuanced analytical and sourcing approaches BravoSolution is applying to these individual categories, but also the findings from a Bravo-internal research study showing that companies that employ more advanced sourcing techniques are outperforming peers in operating margin and ROIC.

In a research series exploring the latest from BravoSolution, we’ll look at a range of topics, including the quantification of three CFO-centered metrics focused on how procurement organizations using advanced techniques appear to outperform their peers. We’ll also delve into BravoSolution’s product strategy, including some techniques they’ve applied in their tools (and services) for incorporating variables that consider both the top and bottom line impact for different supply chain participants at various tiers – going well beyond unit cost, margin, and the like.

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