Fokker Aerostructures Winner of Dutch Sourcing Awards 2013

Spend Matters welcomes a post from Gert van der Heijden, editor of Spend Matters Netherlands.

Last week the Dutch Sourcing Awards were held in the Netherlands. The sixth annual ceremony ended with a group of twelve companies that were nominated in the three categories of Step Change, Operational Excellence and Sustainability. All twelve companies presented their cases of procurement team effort in front of a highly respected jury panel consisting of CPOs and other stakeholders.

A combined program with Heineken’s CPO David Spacey, AkzoNobel’s Director of Sustainability André Veneman and headhunter Ralf Knegtmans was held in the five-star venue Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin, located near the beach in Noordwijk. After this seminar, all 160 attendees went to the beach house, where the award ceremony and networking event took place.

The award for Step Change was given to ING Insurance for unbundling their Procurement Department from ING BANK and building up a professional Sourcing and Procurement function. NedTrain, the maintenance organization of the Dutch Railways, won in the category of Sustainability with their creative approach to contract cleaning. Their decision to focus on client value instead of costs was a breakthrough in the year-long discussion on this topic.

Fokker Aerostructures won the Operational Excellence Award for the way they converted their machining supply base from a local supply base to a global one in a difficult supply environment. Fokker used to be a producer of aircrafts, and now it is a major supplier in the aircraft and defense business.

Through Spend Matters Netherlands it was possible for the Dutch procurement community to vote for its favorite among the nominated organizations. This award was given to VanDerLande, a supplier of goods and baggage handling systems.

Immediately after this award ceremony was dinner—an interesting dichotomy of specialties and finger food. The attendees began networking with such intensity that it was difficult to get everyone’s attention for the final ceremony.

The chairman of the jury panel, Jacques Reijniers, read the verdict and asked last year’s overall winner, Carlita Vis, to hand over the award to this year’s overall winner, Fokker Aerostructures. The jury praised Fokker for the consistently professional way in which they globalized the supply base and developed real aerospace suppliers.

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