Macy's-Penney Court Case, Million Dollar Bus Stop, China Suspends Live Poultry Trading

Macy’s, J.C. Penney and Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia are back in court over J.C. Penney’s plans to set up inside its department stores “boutiques” that will carry Martha Stewart designs, although a contract with Macy’s forbids Martha Stewart from selling housewares to competitors.

What would Thomas Jefferson say about this public spending? The city of Arlington, Virginia recently poured $1 million into building a luxury bus stop that is complete with heated floors and walls of etched glass, and it plans to build 23 more at the cost of $20.8 million.

Nanjing is the third Chinese city to suspend live poultry trading after an outbreak of bird flu in eastern China that has so far sickened 16 people. No human-to-human transmissions of the H7N9 virus have been confirmed.

Colorado lawmakers are considering a tax of up to 38% on recreational marijuana, currently taxed at 8% like all food and beverage sales.

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