Coupa Inspire: Release Updates and Product Goodies – Invoicing

At INSPIRE this morning, Raja Hammoud (VP of Product Management) shared some of the latest Invoicing enhancements in the Coupa suite. These include the following:

- Enhanced approval chains

- Non-PO, Non-Contract invoices

- End user self service

- Commodity level tolerances

- Email invoicing (the ability for suppliers to email invoices)

- Faster invoice entry (split screen with greater flexibility)

- Contextual dashboards

Commodity level tolerances can be somewhat granular. It’s our view that pure-play process/workflow/rules engine specialists can offer more here for those who truly want über AP process automation on the most granular levels. But with Coupa, commodity level tolerances include the ability, for example, to set tolerances such as invoice quantity compared with POs, invoice unit prices compared to PO unit price, invoice amounts compared to PO amounts, line-level tax compared to specified tax engine calculations.

Our snap impression is that the enhanced Coupa reporting invoice dashboard is quite slick. It’s simple and directive. For example, users can quickly gain a graphical perspective on different savings opportunities (e.g., discount opportunities, missed discounts, no discounts available, no payment terms, etc.). The dashboard shows the absolute dollar quantity associated with these areas, as well as the number of invoices impacted.

We believe that procurement organizations are likely to applaud Coupa’s invoice integration to the broader procurement suite and savings opportunities. In the past few quarters, these new features have dramatically improved the early capabilities of the solution in closing the eProcurement loop.

Release 8 (the last release) included a broad range of new capabilities, and Release 9 (available April 19th) builds on this. However, persuading AP and finance to adopt the solution outside of broader Coupa eProcurement adoption will be the ultimate test of whether or not the solution can yet stand alone as an invoice automation toolset. Seemingly mundane features such as split screen invoice entry and validation are likely to go a long way to helping Coupa’s cause here.

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